About us

“To deliver Sales, Marketing & Logistical expertise with the support of a Board Level Management Team to technology companies in the UK”


The UK is arguable the largest consumer electronics market in Europe and globally within the top 10. It is highly competitive as every CE business with global aspirations targets the UK.

UK retailers and consumers are highly sophisticated and success in the market requires an expertly executed business plan, or risk expensive failure.

How do you launch in the UK? Assuming your pockets aren’t deep enough for a multi-million pound marketing campaign the options are: set up a business in the UK, expensive. Appoint distributors, lacks focus. Appoint a representative, limited resources.

However, there is another way to break into the UK marketplace,
Our Perspective.

All the resources of your own UK business, vast experience in working with networks, vendors, distributors, retailers and business resellers.
We can deliver the UK market to you.